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Yoga Face Exercises

Yoga Face Exercises

When people do yoga they exercise their whole body and focus also on the breathing rhythms. This definitely does good for all yogis but the poses don’t really exercise the face.

In order to firm up the face and increase circulation we can do the yoga face exercises. Doing facial exercises is a natural way to strengthen your face muscles, reduce wrinkles and make your face look younger.

What Are Facial Exercises?

Facial exercises are methods to stimulate your face and help it look and feel better. Doing facial exercises is a completely natural way to make your face look younger by toning the muscles and increasing circulation.

The face contains 50 different muscles and unlike the rest of the body, a lot of these muscles are rarely used. When you do facial exercises you relax the facial muscles and this can counteract the regular grimacing we do so much of which can produce wrinkles in the skin. So often we hold tension in places like the forehead, brow and jaw and the facial exercises can clear this up and relieve it.

Facial exercises are considered as a non-invasive alternative to Botox and surgery and are hailed by many, including the new Royal Meghan Markle.

How To Do Facial Exercises (video)

Why We Need Facial Exercises

Many people notice signs of aging or other skin ailments and seek to fix these and even reverse the aging.

The face doesn’t really get a good workout and there’s actually a lot of muscles underneath the skin so face exercises really can help. With the face you need to work out the muscles in order to keep them toned and sculpted.

Often we find that unconscious behavior is adding years to the face prematurely. Facial exercises can be used as a beauty regimen that equates to giving your face a workout, sort of like taking your face to the gym.

The Many Uses For Facial Exercises

Facial exercises have many uses and are good against a number of common concerns:

  • it fights sagging neck & skin
  • it fights double chin
  • it fights wrinkles & frownlines
  • it fights crows feet
  • it fights acne & droopy cheeks
  • it fights deep nasolabial fold lines

and it is good for the eyes and can reverse facial damage from aging.

Facial exercises can improve skin elasticity so you get tighter brighter skin, more glowing skin for a more radiant look and feel. They can tone & firm your face and help you look younger.

Maybe the best thing about facial exercises is that they are 100% natural and so they really do help you put your best face forward.

When Do We See Aging?

The aging process really begins around the age of 25 and that is when the first signs start to become apparent. The skin starts to lose elasticity and we can notice the beginning of fine lines and wrinkles.

These signs of aging may not be so noticeable on young people but for most healthy people signs of premature aging of the skin may add years to your chronological age.

As these signs of aging develop we sometimes see things like dry skin, patchy skin, open pores or dull glow-less skin. Some people get dark spots, also called hyper pigmentation, caused by a variety of reasons, and the facial exercises do well to help clear these symptoms up.


Defeating Stress

The face can definitely show the effects left by stress which so many people experience. Stress can accelerate premature aging and alter the DNA strands which weakens our system. Facial exercises work to repair the damage of aging and can help to restore the skin to a more youthful look and feel.

Many people notice the effects of aging from a wide range of causes like common anxiety, long-term unemployment, social pressures or depression just to name a few. These symptoms strain the spirit and cause pressures often seen in the face.

Doing Facial Exercises On A Regular Basis

Facial exercises invigorate the skin and help to reverse the aging process, especially when used on a regular basis.

Performing regular facial exercises promotes the circulation of blood to the different areas of the face which boosts the oxygen supply in the muscles and the skin.

This can restore the beautiful healthy glow that you want and bring back a bright complexion.

And the performing of frequent facial exercises will help to keep your facial muscles fit for the long term. By doing this you improve the blood flow which supplies the skin cells with the nutrients that they need. When you boost the skin cell regeneration it makes for a healthy face and the prevention of wrinkles.


Reversing The Aging Process

There are many muscles in your face, and doing facial exercises has the added benefit of helping eye strain and releasing tension in both the face and neck.

Taking the time to work on your facial muscles can help give you a more attractive face so you can show it to the world.

When To Do Facial Exercises

It is good to perform your facial exercise routine three to five times a week for around 20 minutes or you can do it more if you like it. Doing these exercises will let you know how it feels and if it is working for you.

Most people that do the facial exercises feel the stimulation of increased circulation and blood flow and when you do them regularly you should start to see changes to your complexion within just a couple of weeks.

Four Good Recommendations

Besides doing the facial exercises it is good to practice regular hygiene and cleanliness habits.

Keep your face clean – Remember to wash your face regularly so you keep it clean and remove impurities. It is good to use a facial cleanser and moisturizer as a regular regimen, and it is also good to research a bit and find the right beauty products for your face.

Practice a good diet – Having a good quality and regular diet is an essential aid for maintaining good skin quality. A good diet will help you feel healthy and that is the best aid to facial beauty, along with doing the facial exercises.

It’s good to eat well for strong skin and another diet aid is to drink lemon water. Many people swear by it and it’s good to help tighten your skin for a strong, and younger, look.

Smile a lot – Smiling is always healthy and brings a happy look and glow to your face. Regular smiling can help keep your muscles strong and stretches the whole face when you do it. Smiling can make you look more relaxed and confident plus it helps you reduce everyday stress.

Guard your face against the sun – The sun can be a real burden on skin health and often contributes to skin damage, if you are not careful. The best facial care for the sun is to use sunscreen, especially during peak hours (10am to 2pm). If the sun is hot then wear enough clothes to protect yourself against it.


Here we have talked about the need for doing facial exercises and the many benefits you get from them. Many people praise these little exercises and recommend them for looking better and feeling more positive.

They can help you be more comfortable and confident in yourself and for some it completely turns their life around. These exercises are not hard to do so just about anyone can do them. They truly might help you boost your look and feel and be on your way to increased peace and happiness in your daily life.


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