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Yoga and Life Span

How to live a long, happy and healthy life is something everyone is looking for. We all want to live to be 100 years old. How to increase that? How to add more life into our years? How can we preserve our youth? What causes aging? Can human bodies become immortal? These are the most fundamental questions we ask ourselves all the time.

Now that we’re living longer — average life expectancy has risen from age 50 to 75 over the last century — the drive to extend our stay here on earth is much higher.

Among the physical activities we do to stay young is yoga, and now science supports that your practice may really be the fountain of youth.

Noticed Improvements With Yoga

Experts recently shared how yoga and meditation not only help keep us flexible, but also improve memory, neuroplasticity, immunity, epigenetics, and lifespan.

We’ve even seen healthful practices down-regulate cancer cell growth. This is profound. At a cellular and molecular level, yoga, meditation, and breath work can ignite significant change.

Yoga As A Friend

yoga can impact brain activity, plasticity and stress reduction.

The way it works is that yoga lights up the parasympathetic nervous system while reducing the response of the sympathetic nervous system, best known for “fight or flight” mode.

In other words, when we practice, we lower our cortisol, or stress hormone levels and, as a result, lifestyle diseases and other chronic conditions can be modified if you develop such tools of self-regulation.

Yoga As Part of our Lifestyle

Making yoga and meditation an integral part of our lifestyle may hold the key to delay aging, or aging gracefully, prevent onset of multifactorial complex lifestyle diseases, promote mental, physical and reproductive health, and prolong youthful healthy life.

Studies show that people who practiced yoga also saw a decline in anxiety and stress, two common factors that tend to speed up the aging process.

Life Span Determined By Karma

Some say that life span is determined depending mostly on karma (action) performed in the previous life. Thus the span of life is determined already at birth.

This has been studied in ancient Indian texts. The ancient masters calculated the age of a person not in years but in breaths. If you breath slowly you will use the same number of breaths that you have pre-destined to have over a longer period of time. Thus breathing slowly may prolong your life.

The connection between breath and life span can be observed also in animals. Animals such as the elephant and tortoise that take in fewer breaths per minute live longer. Animals such as the dog that breathes rapidly has a considerably shorter life span.

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Pranayama Breathing

So breath effects our life and life span. One good example is yoga breathing or Pranayama breathing exercises. These breathing exercises can assist us in regular breathing practices and calm us for better coping with our day.

Anything that affects your health (positively or negatively) is likely to affect your life expectancy.

When yoga is done correctly and regularly, it affects your health positively. Therefore, yoga can affect life span positively.

Most yoga classes involve physical activity, relaxation and focused breathing – all of which are good for the human body. It helps us meet the suggested duration of physical activity, about 30 minutes per day for a good quality workout.

Yoga Is Popular

Yoga has become widely popular across the globe in the past few years, and a number of studies have been carried out that testify of its positive effects on physical, mental and emotional well-being. But do yogis really live longer than an average Jane or Joe? Apparently, they do: vedic scriptures place human lifespan at approximately 100 years, and there are a few yogis who got pretty close to the mark.

On top of boosting physical health, this Hindu discipline enhances mental flexibility and emotional balance which are inextricable from peace, personal freedom, and happiness.

There is more however to yoga than just asanas and stretches. If followed properly, yoga is supposed to become a lifestyle, not just a set of exercises.

Yogis pay attention to their diet, stress levels, other creatures, and the environment so for them, trainings are just one fragment of the spiritual practice.

This is one more reason behind yogi longevity: living in tune with nature is the secret ingredient to satisfaction and overall well-being, which are invaluable (and often almost unattainable) in the fast-paced 21st-century world.

Living Into Old Age

So, what can you do to extend your life by another decade or two?

The longevity formula based on yogi principles is:

  • 30% healthy diet,
  • 30% regular exercise,
  • 20% stress management, and
  • 20% spiritual work.

For the best quality of life switch to healthy foods, watch portion sizes, do not skip workouts, keep your mind open, be grateful, and consider your life as time spent in a borrowed heaven.

Ladies looking to preserve a youthful complexion can reach for organic creams and body lotions, but do not forget your yoga class! After all, a yoga-inspired life is a life of freedom and happiness, and that is the only life worth living a century or more.

Don’t Forget Meditation

There’s so much to be said for yoga breathing exercises and overall yoga practice but the great helper is meditation. Meditation will very much help in calming the mind which can surely lead to a longer life span.

Meditation takes the yogi to a world within where all the noise and bustle of the world is left out. Though the world is still there other things are focused on in meditation.

There is a peace that is at once deep and rich within and a quality of mind that cannot be found in other place. Also during Yoga Meditation the breath slows down naturally thus you may live longer.


The truth is that we do not know how our health and life would have developed if we had not practiced meditation. While the practice of meditation may or may not increase the length of your lifespan, it will definitely increase the quality of your life.

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