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Yoga mats are a must for doing yoga and since they vary in weight, thickness and color it’s good to do some research before choosing the right mat for you.

We have a good review of yoga mats, along with some great recommended mats as well, and you can see a lot of good information on mats like features, lengths and thickness as it does all depend on the type of yoga you do and how often you practice.

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Yoga Props And Accessories

Yoga props are helpful tools to aid your yoga practice. They are so useful for those hard-to-reach moves, difficult poses or just to assist in something like a forward bend.

Whether it’s a block, a strap or a blanket to feel the warmth during savasana, props help yogis at all levels improve alignment, deepen a pose or to address a need for support. They allow you to practice with more effectiveness, ease, and greater stability.

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Yoga Bolster Review

Sometimes in yoga we use a bolster for support like helping to soften a posture or aid in opening the body. Another good use is for creating relaxation,

A yoga bolster is a form of body pillow but firmer and comes in several different shapes, usually Rextangular or Round, It is popular for some well known moves like Supported Backbend or Supported Child’s Pose and common applications are in prenatal, restorative, and Iyengar based classes.

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