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a beautiful beach settingMost people who do yoga do it at a yoga class or studio or even a gym nearby. Sometimes it may be tough to find your center when you are looking for inspiration and you just see the same old scenery all the time.

These days there are many yoga retreats in every corner of the globe where yogis can go to breathe in exotic flavors and scenery that truly inspires and can make you feel fresh and new.

These popular getaways offer more than just a change of scenery since they really do help you transcend the typical beach vacation. You can not only destress; you can experience a whole new culture, detox your body with wholesome food, make new friends, and get a break from tech, all while brightening your outlook and improving your yoga practice too. Continue Reading >>

A Buddha sittingWith all the regular activities in our day – phone, texting, email, social media – we have a hard time to find a pause with a moment just to breathe and enjoy the present. Talking about meditation and finding time to do it are often two different things, so we don’t meditate as much as we should or would like to.

Regular meditation is recommended and even if we’ve just tried it a time or two we know that it’s good for us. Sometimes it seems like a good idea to just get away and go on a meditation retreat. Continue Reading >>

buddha picGoing on a Meditation Retreat is a joy for most people and for so many it proves to be a life-changing experience.

Besides just a lot of sitting you receive good instruction, share time with a good community of like minded people, usually practice some walking meditation and ask questions of the teachers. There’s a lot of time to reflect and it really is a time just for you.

After the retreat is finished you walk out the door, say goodbye to your new friends and teachers, and many start to forget the treasures they’ve learned and return to the normal life of before.

There is a program that helps you keep the fruits of the retreat and bring them into your regular life. Continue Reading >>

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