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Reclining Buddha Meditation

Reclining Buddha Meditation

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Here we have the good Reclining Buddha Meditation. When the Great Buddha lived He would sometimes lay down and do meditation in that position. It can be very calming to lay down and the mind is then in a good position or mood to do meditation.

Getting Started

To get started, find a quiet place as far as possible from the noise and commotion of the world, where you can lay down to practice lying meditation. A place where the air is pure and the surroundings soothing and pleasant.

If you want you can first take a bath or a thorough rubbing of the body from top to toe with a wet towel. You might want to have an empty stomach so you don’t tend to fall asleep.

Then take this exercise:

Send a current of holy thought to everyone, on planes seen and unseen, north and south, east and west, and give thanks for the good life we have.

This meditation is called Reclining Buddha Meditation because you can do it laying down.

So then lay down where you are not disturbed by external phenomena, arrange the place for your comfort and plan on staying there for awhile.

Chase away any pets and tell your friends and family you don’t want to be disturbed.

What you are going to do is “park the body” and seek peace. It is a good idea to burn some incense because it adds a nice smell and vibration to the room.

Now Practice Buddha Breathing

Lay down and put your head on a pillow. Find a comfortable position and get ready to start with Buddha breathing.

As you settle in just breathe naturally and be at peace with your place.

Notice yourself in a relationship with the surroundings. If it’s a calm and relaxing place then probably nothing is moving. This is conducive to finding peace.

Continue to breathe naturally and just settle in with your lying position and surroundings.

As you take each breath notice how the breath rises and sets with each inhale and exhale. As you breathe there is a constant rising and setting of the breath. This is natural. You can still feel that you are in a peaceful relationship with your position and the room and surroundings.

Notice the breath rising and setting and keep in mind to be present, being mindful of the room and your surroundings.

If you have incense burning then you would notice the good smell coming from it. The room should be peaceful and you should be watching the rising and setting of each breath as you lay there and continue.

You Might Notice The Sounds

You might notice the sounds around your place, either from the room, the house or even the world outside. As you hear the sounds they are external to you and your lying position. As the sounds continue, actually they rise and set too like your breathing, you become aware of a fullness, a one-ness of you and your surroundings. As you do this you become in union with the vibration of the whole universe, a big whole where so much is constantly rising and setting all the time. Just go on being aware of the sounds.

Peace And Serenity Meditation

As you do this, tuning into the Cosmic One-ness and union with the universe, it is good to contemplate peace and serenity. The whole experience of lying down, being warm and comfortable and experiencing a universal fullness, is conducive to contemplating peace and serenity.

The universe is our home and we want to be at peace in it. The peace and serenity flows from you out to the universe, the universe doesn’t supply our inner fullness. As we meditate we can contemplate how we want peace to come to the whole world, the whole universe. We want the whole thing to live and exist in Harmony. This Harmony would be in Union with the Higher Power – whether it’s Buddha, or God, or The Tao – each person has their own Higher Power. We would want the universe to be in Union with the Higher Power.

Other things we might include in our peace and serenity meditation are people, whether it’s family or friends or even people we don’t know. We can embrace a caring outlook and spend time with the people we love, and lend an ear or be a good listener. Everybody likes it when we are a good friend to them. We can share with them how tuning into the Cosmic One-ness is good for all people, whether we know them or not.

When we talk to or consider other people it’s good to be hopeful and cheerful, to care and lend a helping hand. We should never encourage negative thinking and try to be as positive as we can. If you do this it shall do wonders for you!

Meditation Into Cessation

As you contemplate all this the breath and mind become calm, even quiet.

Remember we started by watching the breath rise and set with each inhale and exhale. This calming of the breath is true meditation and leads to the calming of the mind as well.

When the breath calms down and the mind becomes quiet too we can enter a state that is called cessation. In cessation the whole inner experience is calm and quiet and there is a peace that is convincing and true.

Here there is the experience of existence, of Being itself. It is a great state and is not bothered by the comings and goings of the world. Some people say that it is like a blend between existence and non-existence since the experience can be like “things from last nights dream.”

What we mean here is that things seem to be both real and not real. This is what the Buddha called the Middle Way, where you can say that emptiness and phenomena co-exist but you don’t abide in either: you perceive both realms, but fall into neither.

This is the true path of observation – observing emptiness and phenomena – the middle way of prajna (Buddha) wisdom. And this is also philosophy, science, psychology, and the study of essence. But in our explanation, it’s just the step of observation.

Meditation As Returning

After you understand this, you proceed to another step called “returning”, which means returning to one’s original nature, or “original face” as the Buddhists called it. What are you returning to?

This returning is the whole purpose of meditation. Sure you’ll become prettier, get healthier, live longer, change your fortune for the better and so forth from meditation, but this is what we are ultimately after.

So there’s still more lessons to come. For now, practice meditating by watching your breath as instructed.

This is the basis of this meditation method based on breathing, and The Reclining Buddha Meditation.

Go and try this meditation for yourself and have it work for you, then leave any comments or suggestions down below about your experience, or if you have any questions leave them below also.


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