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Online Yoga Classes – Yoga Works Review

Online Yoga Classes – Yoga Works Review

In the yoga world today there are many classes offered covering so many types and styles of yoga. Sometimes people are so busy and on-the-go that they find it difficult to attend regular classes at a studio or gym.

If you are a busy yogi who does not have the time to commute to and from a yoga class at a local studio, online yoga videos may be what you are looking for.

Getting A Fresh Start

Many people like the option to do yoga at home with a video when it’s not convenient to go to a class. Some folks have a yoga DVD but seeing the same DVD repeatedly can become boring and you might want some more variety.

Getting your yoga videos online can significantly expand your options, allowing you to change things up whenever you feel like it. Yoga videos can allow you to come close to experiencing a studio class from your own living room.

Online yoga means your time, your place and you can wear what you like!

Do It Your Way

That’s right, online yoga means you can practise in private. Practising on your own gives you the chance to really tune into your own body without making comparisons or worrying about what you look like in a pose.

And with online yoga you can set up your practice area at home just how you like it. You can pick your own music, or use candles or incense if you like. You are free to do it anyway you like. Practicing yoga at home means you can personalize your space.

At home you can experiment with new poses or try different breathing techniques. Practising at home on your own can help alot and you can arrange it so you get it just right. You can even pile up the sofa cushions around you if you’re worried about any of the different moves you try.

Also online yoga means you can take your yoga with you. There’s no disruption to your yoga practice if you travel or move around alot. You can take your favourite teachers and classes with you.

Online yoga is more affordable, yes it’s cheaper than attending a studio class and there are no travel costs, and no need to commute.

Introducing MyYogaWorks

When it comes to online yoga classes a very good company is MyYogaWorks. They are an online yoga site offering a carefully curated collection of over 1000+ classes streaming to your phone, tablet, laptop or TV.

Classes range in length from 5-minute tutorials to 90 minute full-length classes, with beginner, intermediate and advanced sequences to suit practitioners of all levels of experience.

Get Your First 14 Days Free!

Whether you have just five minutes for a quick asana or 90 minutes for a full flow, MyYogaWorks offers a comprehensive video library of professionally crafted videos by experienced instructors.

Do you like a video, but it’s above your experience level? Not a problem. Many videos feature two students: one who is in the standard poses and the other who demonstrates variations, so you can still enjoy those videos without pushing your body beyond its current limitations.

You can choose to find the perfect match for your needs, or you can experience a journey series that can take you through Yoga 101 and pose instruction. As well there are a variety of series meant to align your chakras, make you wedding-ready, detox your body, or open your heart.

    • Classes are 5 – 90 minutes long
    • Cheaper than one class at most studios
    • No driving • No parking • No stress
    • On all of your devices
    • Unlimited 24/7 Access
    • Practice Anytime, Anywhere


They offer a free 14-day trial or stream a free video on the homepage to see if MyYogaWorks is right for you.

1,000+ premium online classes. Happiness guaranteed. Easily cancel anytime!

Increase your flexibility and strengthen your core!

Made with love in Santa Monica, California, MyYogaWorks is the online arm of the renowned YogaWorks studios, bringing you excellence in yoga since 1987.


GET YOUR FIRST 14 DAYS FREE! Try now for a limited time!


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