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Nature Relaxation

Nature Relaxation

Maybe you’ve had a busy day and you just want to relax. You could sit in a chair and put your feet up or alternatively you could go visit nature.

There are beautiful sights to see in nature, it is peaceful and refreshing to relax there. Nature offers so many ways to relax and in this article we will talk about the benefits of relaxing in nature and how you can make the best of your time there.

We Pine for Nature

It is natural for us to pine for the outdoors, it is our human instinct. We yearn for its relief with the vibrant scenes and fresh air.

Maybe the best thing about being in nature is how it relaxes us, how rejuvenating it is! When we really want to relax we know we can do it in nature.

Ways to Relax in Nature

When going to nature, most of the time you make a plan – which place will I go, what should I bring, do I need the car or should I bring food? Also you probably wonder what you will do there.

There are many ways to go and we will talk a little about the main methods of relaxing.

Nature Breathing – One of the first lines you think about when going to nature is “to get a breath of fresh air.” There really is no better air to breathe than in nature!

Breath is life. It is the most basic thing in our life and is called the vital energy (of the whole universe). Our life begins and ends with a breath.

When we go to nature we commune with the vital energy and also we feel how it is so core to us. We are not separate or independent from nature, in fact we feel best when we are one with it.

Nature is in us, around us and is connected to us by our very breath (the vital air). It is through this connection with nature that we find our right relationship with it.

“Just breathing can be such a luxury sometimes.”
Walter Kirn, Up in the Air

In nature, life slows down. We find in it a new rhythm that stops overactive thinking, improves frenzied interactions with ourselves and others and brings to us greater kindness and respect for all things.

By focusing our breathing in nature we can gain calm and peace along with centering our body and mind with the freshness it offers us. With good breathing practice in nature we re-acquaint ourselves with it, increase our creativity, and refresh our focus.

Walking in Nature – People seem to be getting further away from nature. One statistic shows that global urbanization means that over 50% of the world population lives in cities. Other reasons also cause man to drift away from nature, like hyper-focus on technology, busy schedules and materialism or consumerism.

All of these lead to less access or connection to nature and can bring adverse effects on our mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

See the Nature Walk video:

Some specialists suggest that the more we become involved with technology, the more vital it is to stay connected to nature. One of the best ways to commune with nature is by taking nature walks.

Taking a nature walk is always a fun activity to do because it’s great to go outside and interact with the environment. Whether it’s a sunny day or not a nature walk can be a cause for celebration.

Each nature walk offers something different even if you walk the same trail all the time. The fresh air and the vivid colors of the surroundings is more than enough to stimulate your body and mind plus boost your vitality and mood.

“It’s a good idea always to do something relaxing prior to making an important decision in your life.”
Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

If you live in a colder climate, the changing seasons can be another great way to observe plants and animals as the weather shifts.

One of the best things to do on a nature walk is to simply observe what nature has to offer.

  • walk slowly and notice the nature around you
  • try going barefoot outdoors
  • touch, smell and observe the flowers, plants & trees
  • look at and absorb the warm light of the sun
  • do outdoor exercises

It seems there’s nothing better than to take a peaceful immune-system boosting walk in the woods.

Relaxing Places to Go

Research shows us the rich and measurable benefits of being in nature. Whatever you like there is something for everyone in nature.

Some of the common pastimes are to fish, hunt, hike, kayak, walk, jog or just take pictures of the perfect day. Going outdoors helps us feel better emotionally, physically and mentally.

We all know how good we feel when we do our favorite outdoor activity – calm, relaxed, fortified, and restored. When we get active in nature we can get exhilarated which can bring us a decrease in blood pressure, sympathetic nerve activity, and heart rate.

When we choose to go to nature the whole world is our playing field – parks, forrest, lakes, mountains, rivers or the beach – all these places are great for an outing and all offer unique activities of their own.

For a nature outing you can take an outdoor vacation, simply take an afternoon trip, or even step outside your office for a lunch break in a public park.

It really is important to expose yourself to the health benefits of nature on a regular basis. We recommend that you go outdoors at least twice a week for an hour, you’ll start noticing the benefits both short and long-term.

Fun Outdoor Activities

There is a dynamic relationship between mankind and nature which is an unbreakable bond, it sustains, nurtures and heals us.

You can really lift your spirits with nature, just go sit by a running river or waterfall to absorb uplifting negative ions. Just relax, sit or lie on the grass or on a rock somewhere and feel it.

Think about peaceful things, listen to the peaceful sounds.

The rustle of the trees’ leaves, the soft sound of the waves, the chirping of the birds, and other sounds that you find beautiful.

Look at the sky.

Just looking at the sky can help you ease a lot of tension. The various patterns the clouds form or the movement of clouds can be a magnificent experience.

Watch the sunset.

Or the bright orange color of the sun when it is just about to set and all the colors in the sky can be a breathtaking view.


Learning to relax in nature can be a real joy, for both the young and old. Going to nature puts us right in touch with our own nature.

Enjoying the great outdoors offers us a variety of activities that helps us to relax and attain a state of increased calmness. We can even say that going to nature and breathing in all the beauty makes us better people.

Once you are done relaxing, you can go back to your regular life feeling refreshed, knowing that whenever you want to relax, spending time with nature is the best thing to do!

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