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Introducing REST Therapy

Experience The Joy & Freedom Of Optimum Brain Health In Days, Without Drugs Or Overpriced Treatments.

Here we have the REST Therapy Program that is great for reducing stress, preventing brain disease, improving your memory and even boosting your I.Q. This is a super simple system which requires only a pair of headphones, your computer, or tablet or smartphone, and just a few minutes a day. Read further to learn about REST Therapy.

Benefits of REST Therapy

Businessman meditate on the floor in front of his laptop. Shot from above, focus on man.

Less Stress

Feel profoundly relaxed for the first time and take your mind on vacation without needing to pop a pill, or book an expensive holiday.

Deeper Sleep

Drift into a deep rejuvenating sleep, and wake up with more energy to face the day, without needing sleeping tablets or other nasty drugs and alcohol.

Improved Focus, Memory & I.Q

REST Therapy uses scientifically proven methods to give you razor like focus, boost I.Q and memory so you can be at peak mental performance.

Increased Brain Health

Increased resistance to disease, ability to solve complex problems, and even higher intuitive powers are possible, without you having to spend hours meditating or taking drugs.

Introducing REST Therapy

Are you wasting time, money, and energy on treatments that only address the symptoms or that force you to rely on someone or something else to achieve results?

With REST Therapy there are no drugs, no gurus, and no overpriced services. It offers cutting-edge tools that empower you to achieve optimal brain health with simple, profound, and pleasurable programs. The perfect marriage of sense and sensibility.



How Does REST Therapy Work?

The REST Therapy science team has created a breakthrough solution for achieving and maintaining optimal brain health by combining the best solutions in brain fitness with proven techniques from the top meditation programs in the world.

REST Therapy’s integrated programs empowers you to radically and naturally improve your personal health and wellness without drugs, major expenses, or dependence on others.

The American Institute of Stress Reports that 90% of doctors visits are stress related

This therapy helps you get rid of stress.

What Is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy is an interpersonal process in which a guide uses music and all of its facets: physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual to help clients to improve or maintain their health.

In some instances, a client’s needs are addressed directly through music; in others they are addressed through the relationships that develop between the client and therapist.

What Is Visual Meditation?

Guided imagery such as mandalas, fractals, and slow motion nature images are very effective in meditation practice and part of a growing scientific field called neuroaesthetics. Similar to sound, the right images can quickly put your mind at ease and allow for more focus.

By occupying your attention with a single visual element, you gradually empty your mind of thought.

When you have emptied your mind of unneeded thought, awareness and authentic learning begins.

Overview Of The REST Therapy System

Sound Bath

SoundBath is an award-winning sound therapy and guided meditation program.

SoundBath integrates encoded binaural beat music with guided meditation exercises.

Guided Meditations

SoundBath includes a series of integrated guided meditations designed to maximize enjoyment and clarity during your natural wellness journey.

Written and narrated by acclaimed sound alchemist Richard Learmont, the exercises will help you to quickly develop the skills needed for mastery of your holistic self.

Light Bath

LightBath is an award-winning, high definition audio-visual program featuring carefully selected neuroaesthetic images from nature engineered for color therapy, hypnotherapy, and guided meditation.

The LightBath DVD includes the following seven visual exercises. Each contains the option of playing corresponding encoded music or guided meditations.

  1. Breath of Light
  2. Aura
  3. Solar Energy
  4. World Heart
  5. LightWave
  6. Looking Glass
  7. Eternal Lotus

Brain fitness typically seeks to improve attention, memory, thinking, and stress management.

Companies such as Lumosity, Posit Science, and Nintendo are leading the way in cognitive therapy tools and research. The REST Therapy system is an excellent complement to these fine programs.



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