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Hiranyagarbha Story

Hiranyagarbha, meaning the Golden Womb or Golden Egg.

According to the Shiva Maha Puran, After the end of the fight between Chathur-mukh Brahma and The preserver Vishnu about who were the superior among them, Lord Shiva assigns the duties to lord Vishnu and Chatur-mukh Brahma, in order to start the Creation (Srusti).

He assigns the duty of creating the Universe to Chathur-mukh Brahma and the duty of preserving and controlling his creation to Lord Vishnu. Soon after, they went to perform their duties.

While starting the creation, Chathur-mukh Brahma had no idea about how and from which point should he start the creation. There were waters everywhere on the boundaries of his eye-sight. So, he asked Lord Shiva for help.

Lord Shiva sent a cosmic-egg to Brahma which might help him in starting the creation. That cosmic-egg is said to be the Hiranyagarbha.

The Hiranyagarbha floated around in water in the emptiness and the darkness of the non-existence for about a year. He realized that in order to start the creation, he must split it in half.

So because of this, he split the egg in half. From these two halves he created the Spiritual Realm and the Physical Realm, otherwise known by many as Heaven (Swarga) and Earth (Prithvi). Many wonderful aspects of life were also born at this moment namely, time, gravity, language, the senses, the sky, direction and, most importantly, life and death.

There were many wonderful children born to Chathur-mukh Brahma at this time who are referred to as Sages or wise teachers. The seven sages born at this time were named Marichi, Atri, Angiras, Pulaha, Kratu, Pulastya, and Vashishta and nine manas-puthras (mind-born sons.)

Brahma, the creator and all his creation, at the end of time, will be ended by Lord Shiva, the destroyer, and all will return to the Cosmic-Egg (Hiranyagarbha) where Vishnu will preserve himself at the time of destroyal in a lengthy, preserving, restful sleep. From here, he will be born again as a newer creation and begin the process all over again. This concept is known as Reincarnation, which is the natural state of all life.

Simply, we can say, Hiranyagarbha is the source of the creation of the universe and Hiranyagarbha is also the name of Brahma.

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