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Here we have some Guy Finley writings excerpted from the book: Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom


by Guy Finley

Question: What is it about loving and being loved that makes it seem impossible to live without – and yet (at times) impossible to live with? I’m so confused!

Answer: In many ways the whole of this life is a special kind of preparation for Love. We begin this endless Relationship through our various associations with people and the sacrifices and learning lessons these relationships both provide and demand. But in the end, meaning as we ready ourselves for our own further inner development, and the deeper, more fulfilling relationship with Love that attends each of these steps, we come to an amazing finding: The more we would possess anyone or anything, the greater the unconscious sense of separation we experience. As this becomes clear, and our need for Love continues growing, we come to an astounding revelation: What we really want is not to possess, but to be possessed. What our heart is seeking it finds in giving up the self that strives for Love. And in its place, Love — real Love, timeless Love — appears.

Excerpted from Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom

I’m thirty-two years old and have never even had a girlfriend. I am constantly reminding myself that I will never have a relationship, that it’s just “not meant to be.” Is this cynicism, or is life actually telling me that I will never find love?

Answer: If you had a parent that loved you and you were out playing, and your parent called you home, can you imagine him locking the door just when you got to the front porch? Of course not. Our longing for love is Love calling for us. Keep your wish alive.

How many levels or types of love are there for people?

Answer: The Greeks have four words for love: eros – romantic love, philia -brotherly love, storge – family love between parents and children, then the most powerful is agape – love based on principle.

For our purposes here, we can say there are two kinds of love: the first is the emotional type. This is the love that we all are given to know and to work with by our very creation. This love is good, natural, and provides the basis from which it is possible to move into the next or higher order of love. This Higher Love we can define for now as being an inclusive love in that it is impersonal. The principal difference between these two kinds of love is that the emotional love arises from and tends to create the “self” that loves. It is always a form of identification.

The Higher Love that originates from God’s love feels no need to possess what it loves because this love is whole and complete in itself. In the New Testament, Christ asked Peter repeatedly if the love Peter had for him was of this higher nature. Peter didn’t understand the difference between his love and the one Christ spoke of, and his denial of Christ (moments later) revealed the difference.

Excerpted from Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom

The Spiritual Declaration of Independence

by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: No one can say “No” to this world who is afraid to walk through it alone. The unseen cost of this baseless fear is not just to keep the company of cowards, but to lose one’s possibility of ever coming to know the company of the Divine.

Finding the Love You Long For

At times it seems to me that the more I realize about the awesome nature of spiritual love, the more loneliness I feel in my current human relationships. I long to share my discoveries with others, but who do I turn to?

A certain kind of loneliness, of feeling ourselves all alone, is a necessary portion of the path to the higher life. This sense of being alone comes out of realizing what are the inherent limitations in our actual relationships in this life, combined with a growing spiritual longing to commune with others in a deep and meaningful way.

Go through this.

We easily forget that there is a God, a Great Intelligence that guides the steps of anyone willing to put Him/Truth before all else. This same Intelligence will lead you to new relationships, inner and outer ones, in which not only will you be able to express the love you feel for the Truth, but this same love will fill you as well.

Can a person choose the path of Truth and travel it through life with someone, or must they go it alone?

The answer is that we must both go alone and at the same time allow all relationships to reveal that, in truth, we have never been alone. Having a loved one who loves the Truth with you is a great blessing because the two of you can learn to give yourselves up to a greater Love. So ultimately, surrender becomes the key.

We can learn to let go of ourselves more easily when we have others around us who show us the need for this self-release without punishing us for our transgressions. It is a curious thing: Sometimes it is much more affecting when someone doesn’t blame us for a pain we impart than when they do. That is the beauty of inner work.

This article is excerpted from Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom (Pages 131-132.).

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