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The Creation

Hiranyagarbha or The Hiranyagarbha translates literally as the ‘golden womb’ or ‘golden egg’, (poetically the ‘universal germ’) and is said to be the source of the creation of the universe or the manifested cosmos in Vedic philosophy. It is often mentioned that Hiranyagarbha was the creator of yoga. The Hirayagarbha Sukta is a hymn or…

The Creation

Hiranyagarbha, meaning the Golden Womb or Golden Egg. According to the Shiva Maha Puran, After the end of the fight between Chathur-mukh Brahma and The preserver Vishnu about who were the superior among them, Lord Shiva assigns the duties to lord Vishnu and Chatur-mukh Brahma, in order to start the Creation (Srusti). He assigns the…

The Creation

The Golden Womb and the Cosmic Egg Creation stories abound in all cultural and religious traditions, worldwide. Hinduism is rich in the mythology of beginnings, and stories range from the philosophical to the material. One of the earliest stories of how the universe came into being is found in the Rig Veda. Hiranyagarbha is a…

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