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The Mindfulness Playbook

Meditation is a fine undertaking and a good use of time. It develops us and helps us be better people.

Learning to meditate comes easy to some and for others takes some time. We have encapsulated all this in our lovely book ‘The Mindfulness Playbook’ so please have a look and consider it. Read more >>

We have a good Meditation book called Inner Meditations: Getting Started – Full Description.

This book is just like its title with facts and information about getting started with meditation and has methods and instructions for meditating too.

It has three distinct meditations that you can practice now and you can do them all together if you like. This book can lead you to peace and a calm mind and open the door to higher consciousness.

  • Why people do meditation
  • What benefits meditation offers
  • Several types of meditation you can start now
  • Instruction on meditating
  • Tips for learning and practicing meditation
  • and more!

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Here we have 3 FREE ebooks dealing with Divine love and yoga practice. They explain many aspects on the topic of yoga with beautiful insights and revelations for all the readers to enjoy. These 3 books are available in two formats, both PDF and EPUB for the phone. Choose the one you want and download them here, they are FREE.

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