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Welcome to where we want to talk about all things yoga. Here we want to reach out to both the yoga enthusiast as well as beginners and share knowledge and information on current popular yoga methods and teachings along with methods of meditation.

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My name is Tom and I am a Spiritual man who does meditation regularly. I have been meditating for 34 years and mostly practice the teachings of Advaita Vedanta (Non-Dual Vedanta) although I do revere other teachings like Buddhism and Christianity.

In my years of meditation and yoga I have looked at many ideas and methods of practice and always tried to keep a focused mind on the core values of centered focus and yogas link to Holiness.

Yoga was originally designed to lead to meditation and it is still used for purification and gaining a harmony for body, mind and spirit.

This can be expressed through Buddhist precepts like Right Livelihood, Right View, Mindfulness and Devotion. Mindfulness is a good meditation method many yogis practice.

As the years have passed I always thought more people should find this harmony between yoga and Holiness (meditation) and I kept in mind that I wanted to make a website with yoga and the spiritual teachings available to more people.



Yoga meditation can be difficult at times and it is good to stick with it and try to follow through. As the world finds trouble and trouble there is a call in me to try and make these practices available to more people.

Doing yoga and meditation can benefit our lives in so many ways that these are good practices for gaining strength, focus and flexibility so the trials of the world are then secondary. Because yoga and Holy life are so rich and rewarding, I really like the idea of making it available to many people.

We talk here about Yoga and meditation because these are the beginning to Spirituality and can definitely lead to great things.

Yoga is a series of physical steps and poses (Asanas) that disciplines the body and mind, teaching good quality focus and concentration. Also the yoga includes good breathing methods which can carry on to meditation after a routine is finished.

When we have this focused body/mind from yoga practice we can dive within using meditation and discover all the Bliss and Joy of the world within. Often we use yoga breathing methods and exercises to gain this inner strength.

The highest Yoga leads to Spiritual absorption (Samadhi) where we get absorbed in the Supreme Oneness and it has as its goal Liberation (Moksha). There is nothing higher than this Liberation (Moksha) and many seekers start their path through the practice of Yoga.

Here we discuss the many types or styles of Yoga, the benefits they offer and what you can expect from a fruitful Yoga practice.



The purpose of this site is to offer yoga and meditation knowledge and teaching to as many people as possible through the teaching of yoga. Yoga has many schools and methods and so often there is a style that is right for you.

Since I have good intentions and want to help people then it is best to offer yoga and meditation teachings here at We do want to keep alive the ancient link between yoga and spirituality!



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