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3-Minute Meditations Review

3-Minute Meditations Review

Now there is a good program of meditation teachings called 3-Minute Meditations. It provides breakthrough meditation methods that are super-short, super-simple, uncomplicated introductions to the art and science of meditation. This program is for beginners or folks short on time.

3-Minute Meditations is a four week program designed to jumpstart you to the life-changing practice of meditation for beginners. It teaches you the number one secret to have more peace, tranquility and balance in your life.

It is doable, realistic, time-friendly and all-inclusive and will provide you with physical, mental and emotional harmony.

And as the name says it’s only 3-minutes a day. That’s 180 seconds!

28-Day Meditation Challenge

This program is a 28-Day Meditation Challenge that you can fit into a busy day. It is built around 9 guided audio meditations/visualizations systematically utilized throughout the four weeks. These include Intentional, Oneness, Contemplative, Existential, Mantra, Forgiveness, Mindfulness, Heart & Healing meditations/visualizations.

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Who is Adam Michael Brewer?

This program is created by Adam Michael Brewer. He is a meditation guide, wellness coach and mind/body specialist. He lives in Santa Monica, California where he works with celebrity clients, high-powered executives from the movie & music industries, super busy moms, dads and everyone in-between.

The goal is to balance their body, mind and spirit in a unique and individualized way allowing each person to come alive, truly thrive and navigate the often turbulent waters of life gracefully and gratefully.

He’s been practicing meditation for the last 13 years and has been teaching it to others for the last 2 years.

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What’s Included In 3-Minute Meditations?

In the program there are:

The 3-Minute Meditations Book and 28-Day Challenge

Within the book he has created a 28-Day Meditation Challenge where he asks you, the reader, to sit and meditate using the techniques provided, for just 3 minutes a day for 28 days straight.

The book includes:

  • The 3 different categories of meditation
  • The 12 top effects you’ll experience
  • The 4 different types of brain waves and how to access them
  • The 3 keys to success

The 3-Minute Meditations “Done-For-You” Audio Accelerator Package

This includes 9 follow-along, guided AUDIO meditations, which are systematically practiced during the 28-day meditation challenge contained within the 3-Minute Meditations book.

You can download them as mp3s so you can listen to them anywhere.

The Joyful Living Journal

This is the perfect companion to the 28-Day meditation challenge you’ll go through in the 3-Minute Meditations book. It has themes for each day of the week plus each day will provide you with 2 thought-provoking questions for you to ponder and write about.


There are two Bonuses also included:

Bonus #1: 2 Secrets For Meditation Success Videos

Bonus #2: The “Done For You” Meditation X(tended) Pack

This is an additional 10-guided audio meditations of extended lengths where Adam Michael Brewer leads you through four 5-minute Mindfulness Meditations, three Intentional Meditations (5 min, 10 min & 15 min) and three Oneness Meditations (5 min, 10 min & 15 min).

Many Good Results

This program offers many good results and as we say it is a 28-Day Meditation Challenge. It offers results like become more patient, get more comfortable, increased energy, lessen stress and anxiety, avoid therapists and medications, and much more!

Just imagine enjoying all these benefits simply by sitting down and being still for ONLY 3 MINUTES A DAY!

Go have a look at the program and see some of the testimonials.

What most people experience is that they eventually, if not very quickly, love the feeling and they naturally want to sit longer.

This practice is not affiliated with any religion. It is for anyone.

To see the video with Adam >>> Click Here! <<<

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