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Breathing is important to us, maybe the most important thing and it is a fact that we begin and end our lives with a breath. In yoga the breath is prana and we use pranayama to manage and control the breathing.

Pranayama are yogic breathing exercises we use to clear and enhance prana flow and presence in the body. With pranayama we can learn how to tap into this life force energy. Continue Reading >>

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We would like to invite you to our new meditation website TheEvenMind where we talk about life, love & all things meditation. Good living and healthy outlook can lead us to meditation and so it’s good to have resources available to learn, develop & further our meditation practice. Read more >>

The Mindfulness Playbook

Meditation is a fine undertaking and a good use of time. It develops us and helps us be better people.

Learning to meditate comes easy to some and for others takes some time. We have encapsulated all this in our lovely book ‘The Mindfulness Playbook‘ so please have a look and consider it. Read more >>

Loving kindness is a concept that comes from the Buddha and is meant for the benefit of all sentient beings. It is a central pillar to our relating with people and helps to make things run smoothly.

Loving kindness means being caring and considerate to all beings and we do this so often when we try in many ways to share love, understanding and our feelings with others, including in our yoga practice. Continue Reading >>

It’s a busy world that we all live in. Our lives are filled with activity like email, texting and social media, so we are constantly doing something. In a world that is always on the go, the benefits of slowing down look very attractive.

When we are so often connected to technology, rarely alone with just our thoughts, it is understandable why there is a growing movement in the world to train people to get around the stresses of daily life. To help with this we offer here some helpful mindfulness meditation tips. Continue Reading >>

Ayurveda is a system of health and wellness that originated in ancient India over 5,000 years ago. It uses primarily diet and lifestyle regulation to balance the body-mind connection and promote healthy living.

Ayurveda is basically a holistic approach to health as it looks at the whole person and studies their makeup in determining what each person needs for good health and balance.

It is a Sanskrit word that means “Knowledge of life” and this wise old practice is a powerful healing tool that can benefit you in many ways and promote a better whole person.  Continue Reading >>

Yoga is becoming very popular today and there are many reasons for this. Fundamental yoga starts with the body and young people are growing and developing each day.

Yoga during the formative period for youths is useful for developing healthy exercise habits and so, for the youth, looking towards yoga is a natural progression. So we see a good match between yoga and youth. Continue Reading >>

Here we have 3 FREE ebooks dealing with Divine love and yoga practice. They explain many aspects on the topic of yoga with beautiful insights and revelations for all the readers to enjoy. These 3 books are available in two formats, both PDF and EPUB for the phone. Choose the one you want and download them here, they are FREE. Continue Reading >>

When you read about or practice yoga you can hear people mention the Bandhas or locks. The bandhas are an aid to the yoga practice and help in harnessing the energy within the body.

In Sanskrit bandha means to lock, to hold, or to tighten and these locks are engaged to gain control and lock your energy, leading to a heightened experience. One of these bandhas is the Uddiyana Bandha and here we want to talk about Uddiyana Bandha benefits.  Continue Reading >>

Everybody wants to be happy. When a person is unhappy he seeks for happiness, having known it before. If there was a certain way to find happiness, probably everyone would take it. So we ask what are the “ways of happiness?”

Many people have many ideas what happiness is so let us start out by finding out what happiness is. Continue Reading >>

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